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Q. Hotel in Bhimashankar

Asked by hari on Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 Answers

What are the best options to stay near Bhimashankar Temple and what is the minimum fare of a hotel around Bhimashankar Temple?

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Ans. by bpbhatHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 29 Jun, 2011

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As Hem Bhandari pointed out, Bhimashankar is a place in the Jungles. It is surrounded by villages; forests and ghat section. Water is very scarce there. (I was told that even digging borewell is prohibited there). You won't get proper lodges, hotels, and running tap water facility there. The yatris generally try to avoid staying there over night. We stayed in some small shack by paying around Rs 300 or so. There was no toilet and bathroom.

When you visit Bhimashankar, try to visit Moola (Aadi) Bhimashankar. It is in the deep jungle and you have to trek for 2 - 3 kms. But the trouble is worth. Take any local guide for this journey.

In case if you are looking for any good lodge, you can follow this link:

Note that I have seen their board on the way and have not visited their place. So I can't comment anything on them.
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Ans. by Hem BhandariHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 29 Jun, 2011

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Hi Hari: Local lodge is available at the Bhimashankar market at around 300 Mts distance from Bhimashankar temple.The lodging rent should be within Rs.300/day.For food/snacks there are small joints,serving maharashtrian type snacks/food.Pilgrimmers,School Children picnic groups do come here & utilize whatever rural facilities are available.If you wish to avoid the crowd,best time is to reach the temple before 8AM,for pooja & darshan.
Hope I have given you the realistic type of image for your querry. Have a nice trip to Bhimashankar.
Hem Bhandari
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What are the best options to stay near Bhimashankar Temple and what is the minimum fare of a hotel around Bhimashankar Temple?
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