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Q. Road from Karnal byepass to Gurgaon

Asked by TRAVELGYPSY on Saturday, August 07, 2010

6 Answers

Hello, I want to know the Delhi driving directions from Karnal byepass to Gurgaon. I'll be travelling in my own car and want to know the road and how can I save time?

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Ans. by Ashok Kumar Tomar on 26 Aug, 2010

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Though late answer but I am giving you the shortest and best route. Just when you enter Delhi at Alipore border turn right to Narela- Go to Bawana- najafgarh - kapeshera - gurgaon. though the road is through outer periphery of Delhi it is not congested and drive is fine. No jams except some time in najafgarh
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Ans. by mailumes on 09 Aug, 2010

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Don't worry about the route use the link below (or copy paste it to address bar on explorer window:,77.131748+to:Railway+Rd&geocode=Ff70xAEdKseWBA%3BFSh0twEd6h2ZBA%3BFfVitgEdjDGZBA%3B%3BFS5BsgEd4lSXBA&hl=en&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=3&sz=14&via=1,2,3&sll=28.697816,77.140331&sspn=0.043516,0.090895&ie=UTF8&ll=29.089777,77.148743&spn=1.387249,2.90863&z=9

take care.
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Ans. by vimal on 08 Aug, 2010

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If you want to go to Gurgaon from Karnal, you do not need to enter Delhi, I am not aware of the road condition, however, you can come upto Panipat and leave NH1 here and continue on NH71 that will take you to Rohtak and Jhajjar and then on to Gurgaon.
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Ans. by OP Shrestha on 08 Aug, 2010

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I suggest that instead of turning right from Karnal Bypass you drive straight just ahead 1/2 a Km and reach Azadpur chowk. From there you take right turn... its is called 'inner ring road'. Take that inner ring road and come nose straight without any turning untill you reach 'Dhaula Kuan' its a very famours crossing and even if you want you wont be able to miss it. From there you take right and reach NH-8 which will take you to sraight to gurgaon. For a new comer, this is the best rout.
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Ans. by Gurpreet_Singh on 08 Aug, 2010

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From Byepass take a right on to Outer Ringh Road (you will have to cross the signal & take the flyover to go right) then from Madhuban Chowk take left to go to Inner Ring Road. When you hit Wazirpur go over the flyover to go right on Ring Road. Go straight on this road until you reach Dhaula Kuan. From there again go right go past the Airforce HQ on left and then take left from the red light. You will be on NH8 which will take you to Gurgaon.
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Ans. by MISTRALHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 08 Aug, 2010

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1. From karnal proceed towards Delhi on NH2.
2. when u reach Mukerba Chowk on outer ring rd follow directions 2 proceed on Outer Ring Road (Dr Hedgewar Marg). frm Navigation pt of view, u should now b moving westwards (right hand side 3 the direction you had been following from Karnal to Delhi. On yur left u should b able 2 c the Doordarshan Tower)
3. Drive straight ahead crossing Maduban Chowk, and over the Peeragarhi Flyover to reach Janakpuri T point (watch out for the white Dist Center Buildings as land mark right in front of you).
4. Turn right from T point on Njafgarh Road. After crossing the White Janakpuri Dist Center abt 500 meters turn left for Pankha Road... U'll hv a major trafic light as lndmrk.
5. Follow Pankha Road upto Kirbi Place and turn right from the T pt 2 b on Gen Cariappa Marg.
6. Turn Right and proceed on Gen Cariappa Marg to T Point on Subroto Park Junction on Swarn Jayanti Marg
7. Turn right from T Point n follow NH8 for Gurgaon

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Hello, I want to know the Delhi driving directions from Karnal byepass to Gurgaon. I'll be travelling in my own car and want to know the road and how can I save time?
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