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Q. Is there any gov. guest house availabe in Nainital?

Asked by Prasana on Friday, July 23, 2010

8 Answers

Hi All,

Please help me in getting a decent hotel/government guest house in Nainital. I am planning go in the month of Aug'10.

Thanks in Advance

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Ans. by Prasana on 04 Aug, 2010

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Thanks for suggestionsI got an offer from Hotel Palace for Rs 2300/ (Super Deluxe Room). Can anyone help me to know more about this hotel - Cleaniness, ambience, facilities, etc....

Thanks in Advance
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Ans. by Vibha on 26 Jul, 2010

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you may try Hotel Palace on the Mall. check out the website of the hotel -
do ask for off season discount.

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Ans. by mmndi on 23 Jul, 2010

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Stay at the Kumaon Guest House. Excellent location, friendly and helpful staff.
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Ans. by Nilabh on 23 Jul, 2010

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10th is Tuesday so definitely not much ppl visiting nanital that day so best is to reach nainital and negotiate with some of the hotels on the mall road..
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Ans. by rajavc on 23 Jul, 2010

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Dear Mr. Prasanna,

Either u book KMVN guest house in advance its just in front of lake and very nice rooms are there. If dun get reservation then look for hotels little bit uphill from mall road. You would get a good one at 800 to 1000 with all facilities.
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Ans. by MISTRALHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 23 Jul, 2010

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Just to add to the list, KMVN guest houses are decent and quite affordable. You can google up KMVN to know more from their official portal.
Good luck
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Ans. by Sumant Mishra on 23 Jul, 2010

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Dear Prasana,

August being an off season, I would suggest you don't book in advance.Serach for a hotel called Sheela( it faces the lake Naini) when you reach ther, and hence you can negotiate.

Make sure to reach Nainital on day other day than Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and you can get a good deal.

I stayed there in the month of May 2010, and pricewise also the hotel is cool.

Sumant Mishra
New Delhi

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Ans. by SmokeyMcPot on 24 Jul, 2010

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Hi Prasanna, brilliant choice of holiday. Nainital, Naukuchiyatal, Sattal and the rest of the lakes, with clouds descending are absolute heaven. I recommend a place called Mukteshwar to you. It is beyond doubt the most bautiful place in all Kumaon, and will serve as the perfect base to visit the places all around. Padmpuri, the ancient Mukteshwar and Jageshwar temples, Birthi falls, and atleast a dozen other places of great repute shall be within easy travelling reach. Mukteshwar also offer all kind of adventure activites, jungle treks, camps and jeep safaris.

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For your convenience, here is the question asked by Prasana

Hi All,

Please help me in getting a decent hotel/government guest house in Nainital. I am planning go in the month of Aug''10.

Thanks in Advance
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