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Q. Where is pampa sarovar?Which is the nearest Railway station

Asked by hitesh on Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 Answers

Where is pampa sarovar which referred to the ramayana .which is the nearest railway one can reach from vadodara by train?

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Ans. by repcomm on 14 Jun, 2010

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Hi Hitesh,

The attached links should guide you:

Have a great pilgrimage!

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Ans. by bijuho on 14 Jun, 2010

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Ans. by Animesh K on 14 Jun, 2010

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Pampa Lake is 1 of the 5 sacred lakes of Hindu mythology where Lord Shiva nad Parvathi are worshipped. Here Parvati paid her penance. Also famous as waiting place of Shabri for Lord Rama in Ramayana, as told by her Guru Rishi Matunga. The nearest railhead is Hospet about 30 Km from the place. It forms a part of old city of Kishkindha, the kingdom of Bali......Njoy your trip as the rocky scenary out there is much better than many tourist places....Also the temple of Lord Shiva is actually much older than many other temples of Hampi.
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Ans. by Raji Koshy on 14 Jun, 2010

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Pampa Sarovar Lake in Koppal District is 45 km from Hampi. Lying south of Tungabhadra River, it is awe-inspiring. Pampa Sarovar is considered one of the five greatest sarovars in India. Legend says that Shabhari, an ardent devotee of Lord Ram, waited here for a long time for the arrival of the Lord. The ashram of Shabhari and the Anjaneya Hill are worth visiting.

Travel to Bangalore- and take a bus from bangalore.
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Ans. by Sandeep BhatHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 13 Jun, 2010

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There is a 'Pampa Sarovar' in Karnataka near the world famous heritage town HAMPI (Vijaynagar Capital), not sure if its the same mentioned in Ramayana. Also I am not sure whether Hampi has a railway station or not. The two big towns nearest to Hampi is Hospet & Bellary which are District HQs. Check out on the irctc website whether there is a direct train from Vadodara to Hospet or Bellary. If YES thats great, if not I suggest you come to Bangalore and from here there many tourist buses going towards HAMPI, you can visit the historic town of Hampi to see the ruins of Vijaynagar and then proceed towards Pampa Sarovara. Hampi is a place worth seeing, the stone chariot and temple architecture is majestic though most of it were ruined by the barbaric invaders.

If you are not interested in visiting Hampi and wish to go only to Pampa Sarovara then you can take a train from Bangalore to Hampi or Hospet and then proceed to your destination by bus.

HAPPY JOURNEY .. Jai Shri Raam :)
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Where is pampa sarovar which referred to the ramayana .which is the nearest railway one can reach from vadodara by train?
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