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Q. Distance between New Delhi and Sarai Rohilla

Asked by rutushekhar on Thursday, May 27, 2010

20 Answers

We are a group of 10 people wishing to go to Sarai Rohilla Station from New Delhi Station to catch Mussoorie Express on 2nd June. How far this station is from New Delhi and how we can reach there?

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Ans. by Anton Smith A on 26 Oct, 2010

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We have to get ticket from metro station which is just outside of new delhi railway station. Get ticket to pratap nagar. Take train in yellow line and get down at kashmeree gate. From there change to red line to go to pratap nagar. From there get a cycle rickshaw for Rs. 20 to reach station or walkable distance only. Opposite to the station one concrete street will be ahead, through that go and reach a main road(one station will be there where you reach the road), take right just one km, left you can see the station.
Dr.A.Anton Smith
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Ans. by kbr on 30 Jul, 2010

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can any one tell the route for" mayur vihar phase 1 to udyog vihar,phase 5,gurgaon"
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Ans. by kbr on 30 Jul, 2010

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can any one tell the route for" mayur vihar phase 1 to udyog vihar,phase 5,gurgaon"
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Ans. by ykushwaha on 30 May, 2010

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Ditance between New delhi station and sarai rohilla is hardly 3-4 Km. It is better to taxi/three wheeler because connectivity with local train is uncetain,local trains do go to sarai rohilla but times are not known to can call 'easy cab'.
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Ans. by SjSunil on 29 May, 2010

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Hi Kulkarniji,
Depends on the time of the day of ur travel. During office hours i.e. 9 am to 9 pm, please keep at least 100 mins for this drive. B4 9 am or after 9 pm 70 mins should b enough. Due to the Commonwealth games due n Oct lots of construction activity is going on in n around Delhi, hence some spare time at hand is always good. Have a gre8 trip 2 Mussoorie
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Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station is situated in North Delhi District and about 5 km west of New Delhi Railway Station...

Ok u r going to Mussoorie, it`s a nice place to visit. Just 25-28 Km from the Dehradun Station. You can take Bus or Taxi from outside the station.

Best of luck 4 ur journey

Have Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....

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Ans. by rajdoot12 on 27 May, 2010

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it is 7-8 km regular 3 wheelers go there
dont be worried
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Ans. by anuj.222 on 27 May, 2010

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Hi Shekhar,

As someone already told you that train halts at Old delhi railway station, thats a better way to catch the train.It normally arrives at Platform # 1A.

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Ans. by shekhar luthra on 27 May, 2010

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Mate... just take an auto or taxi from a pre-paid booth. Sarai Rohilla is approximately less than 30 minutes ride (15 km) during peak hours.
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Ans. by al majumdar on 27 May, 2010

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Hi Shekhar,

I would not suggest using the metro since you would have to get in and get out of metro stations with luggage and then again find your way to Sarai Rohilla. Instead prepaid cabs or autos is the best option. You could get to either Sarai Rohilla or Old Delhi Railway station. It would take you around the same time between 30 and 40 minutes.

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Ans. by kalrasudhirHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 27 May, 2010

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Ideally you should catch local train between these two stations. If time is not coinciding then you can take underground metro, provided you do not have too much of luggage as it will involve walking a short distance.
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Ans. by David Baskey on 27 May, 2010

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Mussoorie Express leaves from Old Delhi Railway station @ 10:40 pm, so not sure why you want to go to Sarai Rohilla Railway station ( unless u have a booking from there ).

Old Delhi railway station is nearer to New Delhi station.

You have the following options:
- Hire auto ( u need 3 ), which should not cost you more than Rs. 50-60 each.
- Take Bus ( Route No - 729 ) from outside of the New Delhi Railway station, it will take around 30 minutes to reach your destination.
- Take a Metro to Chandni Chowk from New Delhi Station.

Have a nice trip!!
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Ans. by Srijan Sonal Jha on 27 May, 2010

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I am sure I have the best answer.

Mussorie express originates from Sarai Rohilla station but then it comes to Old Delhi Railway station (3kms) and halts for more than 40 minutes there.
To get to Old Delhi railway station you can take metro from New Delhi Railway station. and reach there in 5 minutes.

See Railway Time table for Mussorie express and Delhi Metro Website. The metro station name for Old Delhi railway Station is Chandni Chowk.
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Ans. by Nalin on 27 May, 2010

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Take the EMU/local train.Cheapest,safest and fastest mode.Two statons between ND Rly Stn and sarai Rohilla.
Dont try autos or other local transport.
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Ans. by tonymasterHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 27 May, 2010

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Dear shekhar,

Sarai rohilla station is the next station to new delhi railway station, the maximum distance between the duo is 5 kms as i reside nearby sarai rohilla and my office is near new delhi railway station. You wont get any metro from there, instead drop down on the nearst station which has a metro link and go towards the new delhi railway station. that will suit you the best, or come outside the railway station and do 3 autos which will cost you about 150 - 200 for the three autos

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Ans. by Harry Aurora on 27 May, 2010

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Dear Shekhar,

You would need to hire at least 3 autos just outside the paharganj side of the exit. Charges approx should be bet 40-50 rupees each. consider margin of half an hour to reach sarai rohilla station.

Hve a nice journey...

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Ans. by Chweet Deepak on 27 May, 2010

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Hi Shekhar

Sarai Rohilla is close to New Delhi railway station exact distance being 4.63 KM.
It will take around 15 min depending on traffic.

Best way to go there by EMU/Passenger train itself from New Delhi as it's just 2-3 stations away frm NDLS. Regarding EMU information, Go to Enquiry EMUs runs very frequently via that route.

Best Regards
Deepak Kumar

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Ans. by mittal216 on 27 May, 2010

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the distance between sarai rohilla and new delhi station is 6-7 kilometers. u can take a bus from new delhi. there are very good service but will take time half an hour approx beacause of heavy traffic. or u can take a local train about which u can enquire on station itself bcoz i dont know much abt trains. auto rikshaw is also a gud option.
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Ans. by Ajay Chathli on 27 May, 2010

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It is about 5-6 Kms. If you have kids take two taxis. If all adults, take three taxis from the pahargunj side of new delhi rly stn. prefereably take from the pre paid booth.
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Ans. by onestepup on 27 May, 2010

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Its about 6.5kms and would take about 15minutes by Auto
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For your convenience, here is the question asked by rutushekhar

We are a group of 10 people wishing to go to Sarai Rohilla Station from New Delhi Station to catch Mussoorie Express on 2nd June. How far this station is from New Delhi and how we can reach there?
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