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Q. Which is the best place to stay in Manali?

Asked by zack on Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10 Answers

Which is the best place to stay at Manali? I want to stay where I can find snow once I wake up in the morning around my hotel/cottage.

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Ans. by Vinit Bhatt on 23 Nov, 2009

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Undoubtedly Club Mahinda is the best option but if you want to get a cheap option you can search for makemytrip or some other website. I stayed at Shingar Regency it was also a good hotel, if you need more help get back to me on 9825415777, plz call after 5 pm as i work nights

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Ans. by Priungkush Chatterjee on 22 Nov, 2009

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I stayed at Hotel SnowPeaks, Clkub mahindra. The rooms are awsome and spacious. Further, since this is a few kms away from the city, its quite serene and wonderful. You would find snow as well. Please refer to my hotel review on snow peaks in this site itself.
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Ans. by Rajni on 20 Nov, 2009

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if u want to see just the snow covered mountains around then u can stay at Club mahindra. if u want to experience snowfall n see snow around urself in the morning (hehe)u can stay somewhere around solang Valley..there are nice hotels/resorts near Solang valley..u wil hav to luk for somthing nice there..we saw them around and even on the way to Solang valley as well as on the way to Rohtang i said u will hav to personally check them out for thier service n whether the rooms,budget n stuff suits ur requirement. have fun !
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Ans. by Mr Barua on 19 Nov, 2009

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Hi...I went to manali on 20 dec 2008. I stayed at Snow Crest Manor (Log Hut Road).. This hotel is situated at the top most point along with Hotel Apple Orchard. Snow Crest Manor is a very nice hotel and u can see snow covered mountains from ur room itself. Even if there is no snowfall in Manali, u can atleast see the snow covered from ur room and the sight is a beauty. Per day rate would be around Rs.1800-2300 (including breakfast).
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Ans. by Aditya Tanwar on 19 Nov, 2009

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During my vacation in manali i stayed in Hotel Orchard Green which is situated in log hut area which is a high point from where you can see the snow fall easily, during my stay there was snow fall on the first night and it is a beautiful scene we cant describe it snow all the side
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Ans. by Fagun Pandya on 19 Nov, 2009

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There are many hotels in outskirts of manali. For better snow view I would suggest to get some hotels near Log Hut. Its near by Hidimba Temple.
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Ans. by sweta on 19 Nov, 2009

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Hi Zack,
When i visited Manali in May 2009, I stayed at Hotel Iceland in Solang Valley which is less than an hour's drive from Manali.The view is brilliant from the hotel, green meadows and snow capped mountains.Do choose the new block though. The rooms are decent and tariffs reasonable too.

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Ans. by ajaiviswa on 19 Nov, 2009

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Depending on the budget, you'll find many places. You should ideally try for Early Feb, when there is a good chance of snow (my last two times there), and yet will not get blogged down due to blockades.

Try HPTDC's Hadima Cottages/Log Huts, Johnson's Lodge (Killer bar!), Banon Resorts. All these are sort of in Manali town.

If transportation is not an issue, you could try the many hotels across the bridge (towards Rohtang route from what I remember) and there are Sterling, Mahindra, and whole lot.

For absolute budget (at the cost of a bit of sightseeing try HPTDC hotels in center of town.

Dont worry abouyt Snow. THere is plenty of it, and a bit of searching will get you great hotels. Will research my notes and try and revert as well.

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Ans. by Bob SymnHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 19 Nov, 2009

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Hi, snow is totally depends on weather gods and if it snows in Manalli, the hotel won't matter, I understand God is equal to all . Anyways, you may check hotels run by HPTDC, they are decent and economical. You may try 'Log Huts' it is a decent property by HPTDC. There are couple of other hotels as well. You may be your own judge. Check this link for the hotels run by HPTDC. I hope this will be of immense help to you. You may also check reviews of Manali Hotels here, and take a call. All the best.
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Ans. by Varun MahajanHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 18 Nov, 2009

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zack..i can surely help u out..... i have some excellent resource in eco himalayan retreat camp & resort.. it is just like the way u want..& can get u great discount//hmm..reply..bye
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Which is the best place to stay at Manali? I want to stay where I can find snow once I wake up in the morning around my hotel/cottage.
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