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Q. Rohtang Pass - When & how to visit?

Asked by sunshine on Friday, August 08, 2008

7 Answers

I wanted to visit the Rohtang Pass. What is the best period to visit the pass and how does one reach there? Pls help!

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Rothang pass in Himachal Pradesh

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Ans. by karthik on 02 Nov, 2010

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hi i plan to go manali arougd diwali holiday the right time to visit can we enjoy. pls adv
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Ans. by ManishHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 13 Aug, 2008

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I have visitted Rohtang La (pass) in soon after Diwali (I think it was early November). It was chilling during that time and snow was not too much and once I had visit in December and I was not able to go beyond Gulaba. Idal time to visit this Place late May to October. This isome 51 Km away from Manali, at this place you will start feeling Altitude, this La is gateway of real Himalaya.. Al The Best ..
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Ans. by Uriah Heep on 12 Aug, 2008

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@ autos - hope they charge by meter-reading ;)
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Ans. by pOLoHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 11 Aug, 2008

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If you want to see snow, the best time is just as soon as the pass opens - May end or early June. Its all over the papers, and this time I even recall seeing a blog post here that covered the event. You'll even see the best wildflowers covering most of the slopes at this time. The pass is easily accessible from Manali - Bus, Cabs even Auto's! - regularly. You can strike up deals with local cabbies at Manali. The other good time is end September, just after the rains, because all is lush green and very cloudy/ msity and quite dreamy at this time with the monsoons just retreating, but the roads are usually bad - thanks to the rains. You take your pick. THere is no real 'Best time - Rothang is an experience really. BUt for scenic beauty, I'd recommend the Early June slot. Hope this helps.
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Ans. by Tripper Max on 11 Aug, 2008

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You can take a volvo bus to Manali from Janpath, for details visit Himachal Pradesh Tourism office in Chandrlok Building, Janpath. Frequent buses to Manali are also available from Kashmere Gate ISBT.
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Ans. by Mukesh MiyanHats off: Trusted & highly rated by travellers on 08 Aug, 2008

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Hi...if you want to visit Rohtang Pass this year, your only chance is to do so before mid-October, due to conditions clearly mentioned by Uriah Heep. Rohtang Pass is a day trip from Manali. Manali in turn is easily accessible from Delhi, there are plenty of state road transport and private buses to Manali. Hope this is help....thanks
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Ans. by Uriah Heep on 08 Aug, 2008

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hello Sunshine!! the Rohtang pass is a day-trip from Manali, 51 km ahead of it to be precise..I hope you know where Manali is! Since Rohtang is at an altitude of over 3900 mts amsl its open to tourists (approaching by cabs) only by the month of May each year.. with sometimes the opening getting further delayed to the end of May :( It's risky to approach the Rohtang pass mid-October onwards but tourists often are willing to take that risk and driving to reach as close to the pass as the road conditions permit... the best time ends early October I'd say.. all the best then for ur visit to Rohtang :)
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I wanted to visit the Rohtang Pass. What is the best period to visit the pass and how does one reach there? Pls help!
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