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Mumbai To Goa : A Road Guide

Mumbai To Goa : A Road Guide

A write-up of my trip from to via Mumbai To Goa

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Bombay To Goa Route Log



Distance 579.1km, King’s Circle (Mumbai) to Mandovi Bridge (Panaji).

Approximate driving time including stops should be 15 hours.

Start :


0.0 to 42.2: King’s Circle (Maheshwari Udyan) to Goa right turn after Panvel. Driving time (approx): 40min

1.7 Flyover across Sion circle. Continue straight until you pass under a railway bridge.

4.4 Road junction signal. Take angular right towards Chembur. Continue straight past six signals, the fifth being a pedestrian crossing signal.

5.3 24-hour HP petrol pump on your right at the first signal. Continue straight.

9.1 Road junction. Turn left. Road ahead goes to Trombay.

13.3 Thane Creek Bridge. Caution! There are broken-down trucks parked awkwardly here sometimes.

16.6 Caution! Huge, unmarked speed breaker.

17.3 Toll Naka (Rs 15).

34.6 Road junction under flyover. Continue right to go via Panvel city. Road on extreme right bypasses Panvel city but is 1.8km longer. Road on left goes to Thane.

38.3 Panvel city. (Petrol Pump - PP) Continue straight.

42.2 Road junction. Turn right for Panaji (Goa). Road ahead goes to Pune.

42.5 to 74.9: Goa right turn to Vadkhal Naka (NH17)
Driving time (approx): 45min

42.5 Crossroads. Turn left for Panaji (Goa). Road ahead comes from Panvel bypass. Road on right goes to Panvel city. Caution! The road is now a two- lane with plenty of sharp corners so practice caution while overtaking.

57.8 Toll Naka (Rs 10). Carry on along NH17 to Pen

70.1 Road junction (Pen). Turn right for Panaji (Goa). Road on left goes to Pen town and Khapoli (40km). Caution! Road is fraught with cyclists, school children and mad Tempo Trax drivers.

74.9 Vadkhal Naka (PP). Turn left for Panaji (Goa).

74.9 to 183: Vadkhal Naka to Mahableshwar turn-off
Driving time (approx): 2hrs 15min

90.3 Deceptive speed breaker on corner after bridge over Nidi River.

94.9 Nagothane (PP). At the road junction take the gradual
left and continue on NH17 for Panaji (Goa).

124.5 Indapur. Caution! Heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Speed breakers at entrance and exit of town.

134.9 Mangaon (PP). Caution! Crowded road through the town.

183.3 Road junction with statue in the centre (PP). Continue straight on NH17. Road on left goes to Mahableshwar (41.6km).

183.3 to 254.1: Mahableshwar turn-off to Chiplun Driving time (approx): 1hr 20min

192.3 Caution! Kashedi Ghat (7.2km). Steep gradients and blind corners.

220.5 Caution! Speed breaker on corner before bridge over Jagbudi River.

221.1 Caution! Baste Ghat begins (4km).

242.3 Caution! Parshram Ghat begins (6km).
Note: The entire stretch between Baste Ghat and Parshram Ghat is winding with sharp and blind corners.

254.1 Chiplun. Crossroad. Continue straight. Road on right
goes to Chiplun town. Road on left goes to Karad.

254.1 to 579: Chiplun to Panaji. Driving time (approx): 6hr 15min

262.5 Caution! Ghat section (5.2km).

274.5 Caution! Ghat section (7.6km).

300.9 Sangameshwar (PP).

322.3 Caution! Nivli Ghat (2.4km).

334.9 Hathkhambe. Continue straight on NH17. Road on right goes to Ratnagiri (13km).

344.9 Pali. Continue on the right fork. Road ahead goes to Kolhapur (83km).

371.1 Caution! Vanked Ghat (2.2km).

377.5 Caution! Vatul Ghat (6.4km)

429.3 Talera. Road on right goes to Vaghotan (30.2km). Road on left goes to Kasarda.

486.7 Kudal.

501.1 Akeri Road junction. Bear left. Road bearing left goes to Panaji via Savantvadi. Distance 78km. Road on right goes to Panaji via Vengurla and Pernem. Distance 91km.



505.9 Take the right fork for Panaji via Savantvadi. Left fork goes to Belgaum (88km).

509.1 Savantvadi (PP).

512.2 Caution! Insuli Ghat begins (1.6km).

520.6 Banda. Note: Drive with caution here as the roads are very narrow and twisty with children and livestock running about.

547.4 Maharashtra-Goa state border. Police check post.

555.8 Road junction. Take the road on right for Mapusa and Panaji
Road on left goes to Bicholim (6.4km) and Ponda.

566.1 Road junction. Take road on left for Panaji. Road on right goes to Covali and Pernem.

569.0 Mapusa city (PP). Continue on NH17 for Panjim.

577.8 Bridge across Mandovi river to Panaji.

579.1 Panaji Circle. Road on right goes to Panaji city. Road ahead goes to Margao (34km).

24-hour Petrol Pumps Enroute :


1.5 - Chhagan Mitha, 90/91, Sion Circle. Ph: 022 4072980

33.5 - Vijay Automobiles, Kalamboli, Mumbai-Pune Rd, Panvel.
Ph: 022 7452525, HP. Facilities: Lubes, snacks, coffee vending machine, music cassettes and clean toilets.

72.4 - Dharamkar Motor Store, Vadkhal Naka. Ph: 02143 9008, BP. Facilities: Puncture repair shop

163.0 - Doshi Automobiles, Mumbai-Goa Highway, Mahad. Ph: 02145 22387 BP.

Facilities: First-aid, lubes, adjoining restaurant and clean toilets.

214.0 - HP Highway Services, Bharna Naka, Khed Taluka, Ratnagiri district. HP.

Facilities: General store, STD booth, reasonably clean toilets.

249.9 - G B Mehta and Sons, Chiplun. Ph: 02355 56060.

Facilities: Lubes and puncture repair shop.

291 - M/s Yashodhara Services, Mumbai-Goa Road, Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri Dist. Indian Oil. Facilities: Lubes, adjoining restaurant.

382.1 - Mangal Agencies, Bombay — Goa Road, Rajapur. Ph: 02353 22074. Indian Oil.

Facilities: First-aid, toilets, ambulance available, adjoining hotel (veg).

417.0 - M/s WY Pokhale, Kasarde. Ph: 02367 32634.

Facilities: Clean locked toilets with key on demand for customers only.

451.2 - S B & V B Samant, Kankauli. Ph: 02367 32028.

Facilities: Puncture repair shop and clean toilets.

554.4 - Janardhan Zarapkar, Panjim Road. Facilities: Lubes, puncture repair shop.


Refreshment Stops :


42.0 - Misal Corner, Goa turn-off after Panvel. Awesome misal pav and strong tea, just what you need to prepare you for your drive ahead.


130.0 - Hotel Open Umbrella Mangaon, Ph: 01240 63879 Indian, South Indian and Konkani food. Konkani thali costs Rs 40.


156.3 - Hotel Ruchi Garden, Outskirts of Mahad, Splendid views of the Savitri river.


165.3 - Motel Visawa, Mahad, popular stopping point with a general store and all kind of snacks.


240.0 - Taj Gateway Chiplun, excellent food but at a price.


301.2 - Hotel Swad Sangameshwar, excellent Maharashtrian food and non-veg thali.


436.4 - Neelams Countryside, 24-hour coffee shop with continental snacks and rooms for an overnight halt


Caution :

Slow moving rickshaws and bullock carts aplenty near villages.

Numerous Accident Spot signs on the road. Take them seriously.

Bridges over rivers have speed breakers before and after them.


Ghats To Cross :

Kashedi Ghat between Poladpur and Kashedi

Baste Ghat after Khed

Parshram Ghat between Khed and Chiplun

Nivli Ghat between Sangameshwar and Nivli

Vanked Ghat between Lanja and Rajapur


Insuli Ghat between Savantvadi and Banda


Toll Tickets :

Rs. 15.00 Thane Creek Bridge

Rs. 05.00 Mahad

Rs.10.00 Kharpada

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Hope you enjoyed reading my travelogue.

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6 Comments on 'Mumbai To Goa : A Road Guide'
A travelogue about a trip to Mumbai To Goa
On 11/15/2011 4:30:05 PM Chandan Nirmal said...

Thanks for the information i m from mumbai will travel soon by road but seen the comments provided,Yes i do agree with the comments for safery such as map and danger turns,narrow road,accidentspot,etc it shud be more convenient and usefull for person who is travelling with family.till now it is great which is mentioned for travel routes..

On 10/10/2011 9:01:57 AM Nazir Yusuff said...

Very detailed description with distances, petrol pumps and stops all along the way. I will be using the information when i travel next week. Will report on my experience then. Thanks a lot..

On 11/23/2010 6:57:21 PM Makarand Koparkar said...

Very neat description. Very helpful. Thanks a lot..

On 4/9/2010 9:25:10 PM INES GRACIAS said...

As I had travelled thrice 'To & Fro' on this route from Andheri_Sion_Panvel_Ratnagiri_Sawantwadi_Panjim_Madgaon. Very useful information is given , but we need more awareness on the driving habits (Self & Others: Overspeeding,Overtaking,Impatient driving,Blind corners) which will add more safety to our life..

On 7/27/2008 4:23:21 PM AdityaChaturvedi said...

Hi, I will be traveling(driving) to Goa from Vadodara and will take a night break near Mumbai. What should be the best place of stay so that i can start for Goa in morning avoiding the traffic? will Panvel or Navi mumbai are good places to stay and on route? Can you also brief about road condition of NH-17. we are planning to reach Goa by evening time. Thanks..

On 7/21/2008 3:57:22 PM Mukesh Miyan said...

Hi this is very useful.. but I think you should have put this into Travel Directions would have made better sense. Anyways what's useful is the road map that you've shared .. that's very handy for travellers driving out....

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