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It was the wisdom of our grandmothers and city dwellers are slowly losing the natural knowledge that the previous generations possessed. As we become caught up in our busy lifestyles and careers, it is even more tempting to give in to fast food and modern medicine. But there is a wealth of knowledge within India that can teach us how to live in sync with the cycles of nature and to use herbal and medicinal products that harm neither the environment nor us. What had once been dismissed as dadi ma’s nuskhas are coming back in vogue as an alleviate to the modern stressed lifestyle.

» Munnar – Ayurvedic Products

Kerala is God’s Own Country. It is also the land where centuries old Ayurvedic knowledge has been preserved for us 21st century mortals. The proponents of Ayurveda claim it to be a 10,000-year-old science. While that may not be strictly true, it is surely an ancient system of medicine. It is also the oldest documented science of healing. Though a whole industry has risen up in Kerala claiming to bring Ayurveda to the masses, the fact is that the industry is just a response to the insistent demand for natural products.

Ayurvedic Products

Some of the tenets of Ayurveda are very basic old-world knowledge – identify which tatva your body belongs to and change your lifestyle in accordance with it. The three tatvas are rajsik, tamsik and satvik. There are a range of products which will bring your body back in alignment with its own tatva. Even if you do not believe in these kind of ‘unscientific’ theories, you can still benefit from many natural products that Kerala Ayurveda offers.

The hill station of Munnar is famous for its tea gardens and scenic beauty. But many do not associate it with quality Ayurvedic products. While you can buy Ayurvedic formulations in almost any tourist center in Kerala, since these herbs and spices are grown around Munnar, it is here that you will get the freshest and most authentic produce.

The two bazaars at Munnar have many shops selling attractively packaged Ayurvedic products and spices. You can hunt around for fresh and organic cardamom, cloves, turmeric, red sandalwood (for a clear complexion), eucalyptus oil (for joint pain, relieving cold) and Munnar tea. Do not forget to keep a look out for loofahs, bottles of herb-infused coconut oil (for the scalp), essential oils (for massage and aromatherapy) and spirulina (for vitality).

A guide to popular products of Kerela Ayurveda:

  • For most of us hair loss is a common complaint. The Neelibhrungadi Kera Tailam prevents dandruff and promotes growth of hair both.  
  • Extracts from the Aswagandha root rejuvenate the body and act as an anti-inflammatory drug.
  • The bark and seed flower of the Ashok tree purify the blood and brighten complexion.
  • Those looking for a good massage oil should try Balaswagandhadi oil.
  • The Arimedadi Tailam is multi-purpose oil which helps in controlling neuralgia, toothache and the diseases of the mouth and throat.

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