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Have you ever thought from where that large shiny brass vase at the corner in your drawing room came from? Do you have any idea how old this fine art of metal engraving is? If you never paid attention to these thoughts, here is the story of India’s brassware hub and the art that finds mention in the Vedas. The history of metal craft goes back to as far as back to the times of the Indus valley civilization from where a beautiful figurine of the dancing girl was found. It only indicates the high level of workmanship attained by ancient craftsmen.

» Moradabad – The Brass Hub

This non-descript town in Uttar Pradesh may be conspicuous by its absence in the tourism brouchers but when it comes to brassware, Moradabad has the pride distinction of being the largest brassware center in India. Moradabad, in fact, is the best place to shop for brassware in India. The metal craft tradition of Moradabad goes back more than five centuries. The town produces stunning artifacts that that have carved a niche in high end stores as Harrods and Selfridges.

Moradabad - The Brass Hub

Brassware items cover a wide range and include vases, brass lamps, perforated lamps, tabletops, fruit bowls, planters, jewellery boxes, brass plate, brass knobs and picture frames. There are embellished with various kinds of engraved motifs - flowers, landscapes, jungle scenes and geometric patterns.

There are many copper and brass making enterprises in and around Moradabad. Varanasi (Banaras) is another famous brass and copper making centre in Uttar Pradesh. While Varanasi is well known for copper and brass utensils like lota, Moradabad has a range of products that include utensils to decorative items. Among the utensils the major portion consists of ritual-wares. These include lotas, tamrapatra (water pots), panchapatra (ritual plate), simhasan (seat for deity), and kanchanthal (flower plate) among others. Most of these items are cast through an indigenous process called para that is precisely a mould casting without joints. Moradabad is specially noted for its colored enameling and intricate engravings. In fact the town continues to dominate the Indian copper and brassware market for engraved as well as utilitarian brass.

The art metal wares that one can buy for in Moradabad include items like miniatures, busts, decorative pieces, clocks, statues, brass vases, brass handles, utensils and cutlery. The most famous items that are exported from Moradabad are the replicas of Mogul court wares such as ghulabpash (rosewater sprinkler), itardan (scent spray), aftab (wine or sherbet servers) and hookah. These wares are heavily embroidered. These embroideries are among the finest in the world and look very attractive because of their range of patterns. The engravings may include scenes reminiscent of the style of Mughal painted miniatures as well as portray incidents from the Hindu mythology too.

If you plan to buy an assortment of brassware and other metal craft items, the best place to shop for brassware in Moradabad is the Mandi Chowk market. There are numerous shops selling brassware products that range from bells, lamp stand, ladles, brass vases, idols to daily use utensils. Other popular places to shop for brassware and metal craft in Moradabad are Ganj, Bartan Bazaar and Amroha Gate.

Moradabad can be easily reached from Delhi. The Moradabad town is approximately 160 km away from Delhi.

Check driving direction to Moradabad from Delhi.

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