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Mathura is an important destination for all Hindu devotees, as it is said to be the birthplace of lord Krishna and is located on western bank of river Yamuna. To say that this place still reverberates with the tune of Lord Krishna’s flute won’t be an exaggeration. Mathura is also one of the Sapt Puris (Seven Holy Cities) in Hindu mythology. Close to Mathura is Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna was believed to have spent his youth.

Every inch of Mathura-Vrindavan is wrapped in timeless devotion to lord Krishna, the evergreen hero of Hinduism, the lover of Radha, the cowherd-prince and the re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Mathura without lord Krishna is like Bethlehem without Christ. Welcome to Brajbhoomi.

Mathura has a long line of picturesque Ghats (you have got as many as 25), arched gateways and temple spires extending along the bank of the River Yamuna. This continuous line of Ghats along the river makes a splendid spectacle when viewed from the opposite bank. When you land your feet in Mathura, a unique religious fervor grips you and you inadvertently become a part of the culture and heritage, which is so unique to the city of Mathura.

Mathura has got plenty of options to choose from. At one hand you have got star hotels like Best Western Radha Ashok and Hotel Goverdhan Palace wherein a night might cost you anywhere around Rs. 1800 to 3600. At the same time you have got plenty of budget hotels to choose from. For example you can choose between Hotel Madhuvan and Hotel Mansarovar Palace if you have got a budget around Rs. 800. If you still want a cheaper option, you have plenty of options near Sri Krishna Janmasthan.

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Potra Kund at Mathura

Potra Kund at Mathura

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