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We owe a lot to Manikaran, mythologically speaking; it is believed that 'Manu' recreated human life here after the great flood, hence the sacredness of the town.

Geographically speaking, this is a great place to sit back and relax in one of the numerous hot springs present while taking a breather on your way to Lahaul or from Kullu, the two most visited destinations in the tourist-teeming state of Himachal Pradesh! A glacier galore, the Dio Tibba is a sight to behold, a white veneer over the landscape.

Manikaran Sahib sees a lot of Sikh devotees traveling from all over the world to pay their respects, and take a holy dip in the   hot water springs to freshen up spiritually and otherwise. All in all, it can be termed as a holy pilgrimage for the religiously emaciated.

It is also said that Manikaran was visited by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, and they were so enamored by the vista that they spent close to a thousand years there. During a stroll, Goddess Parvati lost her 'mani' in a stream, and willed Shiva to recover it. It is said that the Lord of the serpents, Sheshnaag, stole the gem and swam into the depths of the planet.  This angered the Lord, who commenced his apocalyptic dance-of-death, also known as the ‘Tandava’, and the force of this dance compelled the serpent king to spew out the gem. The ‘hiss’ from the Sheshnaag was enough to boil the surrounding water; giving Manikaran its hot water springs.

Strangely, ever since then, a lot of priceless gems were discovered here in the spring pools. How true this legend really was, we may never know. It is said that these events stopped occurring after an earthquake shook the very foundations of Manikaran in 1905.

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