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A warm welcome and cheers to the joys of travel!

As new member, a veteran on the site or even if you’re watching from the sidelines and getting ready to plunge in (sign up), these guidelines are there to help all, for a friendly and useful interaction with the site.

Do take some time out to go through the guidelines. That will help keep this space useful, genuine and friendly for travel enthusiasts like you – that’s why you joined up in the first place, isn’t it? Yes, please help keep a great place to exchange travel ideas, find travel related information, share travel experiences, help or connect with other fellow travellers.

So what is expected? is a community of travellers and everybody here has the right to feel comfortable. So, be polite and respectful in your interactions with other members. Each and every member of makes the site what it is. It’s not too much really, but obviously your actions / behaviour will speak for you and be your introduction. Content, which is constructive, engaging, honest and useful, is good for all.

Sharing your personal travel experiences and opinions of hotels you stayed at or advice you gained through experience is what everyone is here for. That way we all get to know where to stay, get ideas on where to go and have more fun on our trips. There are thousands of travel lovers like us here, this is a great place to connect, share travel talk and discover new experiences together. More on FAQs
What's not expected here?

Though it is difficult to list out all the dos and don’ts, we have tried to put down few things that are simply, not acceptable - the aim being, to keep this site friendly and useful for a member / user.

Please do refer to the following points when in doubt.

  • Content in ALL CAPS. Sentences in capital letters are considered rude and are akin to shouting or yelling. Please avoid this.
  • No SMS language please, that is for cell phones and best kept there only.
  • Repeated uploads that flood the site with duplicate versions of the same or similar content.
  • Respect copyright. Upload content that you have created or that you are authorised to use. If you can’t do without copyrighted content or a quote, don’t forget to give credit to its owner(s). However, we’d appreciate you avoid it if possible.
  • Nobody likes spam. So, do not create descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails that are misleading or clearly only for a commercial purpose. If you want to advertise, please contact the site.
  • Please refrain from hate speech and mud slinging. We respect everyone’s right to express, as long as it is within gentleman’s code of conduct.  If you don’t agree to a particular view or thought, handle yourself in a courteous and dignified manner.
  • Content that contains violent images of killing or physical abuse that appear to have been captured solely for exploitive, prurient or gratuitous purposes.
  • Stalking, threats, harassment, predatory behaviour, invading privacy, or revealing of other members' personal information is not acceptable. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from
  • We do not recommend members to reveal their personal information including their e-mail IDs and personal contact numbers. Any such information would be removed without any notice and if misused, is solely the responsibility of the member posting it on this site.
  • Solicitation for commercial, NGOs or charity-based organisations of any kind, without the written consent of, is strictly forbidden. Any solicitation activity through user controlled content including, but not limited to display names, signatures, member profiles and posts, is strictly forbidden. If you want to advertise, please contact the site. Heavy legal stuff….!

That’s it, go on ahead …. Share reviews of those Hotels you stayed at, share your travel photos with friends, ask & answer questions and enjoy the advice, company and ideas of fellow travel lovers in this community… hope you plan many wonderful trips!

The Site Editors


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