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Posted on: Sunday , Apr 17, 2011 At 18:02 PM




We reached Jammu today. From Amritsar.

Our trip was Kolkata-Kanyakumari-Kashmir. We have reached Kashmir.

Instinctively, as soon as we reached Jammu, I opened the map.

We have travelled a long distance indeed! From a human habitation called Kolkata, we crawled all the way to Kanyakumari. Now we are in Kashmir ! We have travelled 10,560 kms.

like an ant we crawled. like an ant we struggled.

why did i make this trip? i still don’t know.

what have i learnt?  i still don’t know.

where have i reached?  i have no idea.

The people I met in this long journey are the same people I meet in kolkata everyday. different language, different attire, different climate. but they are similar.

nature makes them similar. same people. same animals.


 incomplete? still in the process of evolution?

that is a lie, or a dream.

 or a hope, which will never come true.

nature has created hunger, jealousy , hatred, false ambition, treachery, incomplete human beings.

then why should we love/respect nature?

those gods are most revered which fulfill ones desires – desires to make more money, to have babies, to see the wife/husband die and replaced by the lover, to see the enemy subjugated.

Gods, who do not pamper human greed, are not pampered. Vaishno Devi, Tirupati and so many god’s abodes we have trampled upon, told us the same story.

praying is greed.

(Vivekananda had refused pray, to seek. )

Why do we talk? one upmanship? to forget boredom? to seek care?

Isn’t seeking love desperate seeking of care?

And what is pleasure?

isn’t it prolongation of pain by survival and procreation?


nothing ends in death. the greed continues.

our journey continues.



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By karan| Posted on:04 Jun 2011

i can understand. your evolution from Kolkata to kashmir.
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