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All India Bike Trip

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Posted on: Saturday , Apr 09, 2011 At 21:22 PM

Crossing Through Bhuj, Mount Abu And Jodhpur

9 April, 2011


 Gujarat: Being sent to the slaughter house

It is interesting to watch how people of different states react when they come to know that we are moving around the country on a motorcycle. Their reactions are always typical of the particular state they belong to. Let me give some examples:

West Bengal: “What! A Bharat Darshan? Want to be a Vivekananda or what?”

Orissa: “Your wife let you go?”

Andhra Pradesh: “I want to buy a Royal Enfield. What model should I buy?”

Karnataka: “You can’t go to Kashmir. The army will not let you.”

Tamil Nadu (at Kanyakumari): “ How will you go to Kashmir? By boat?”

Kerala: “You must be carrying your bike on train. Aren’t you?”

Maharashtra: “Motorcycle pe lamba safar mar rahe ho? Ao. Chai piyo.”

Punjabi truck driver: “Bohut himmat hai apka. Ludhiana aoge to zaroor milna.”

Gujarat: “Safar ka bud-get kitna? Paisa koun diya?  Ye halogen lamp ko bechoge?”

Rajasthan: “Mileage kitna? Koun sponsor kiya? 

The reactions are so typical that we can now predict for sure what questions are coming when we are in a particular state. 

Mt. Abu: Nakki Lake in the morning

By the way, we have left Gujarat and are now in Rajasthan. And we are in perfect shape – only a bit tired. I have lost my mobile. It fell from my pocket in an unmentionable place while I was busy doing an unmentionable but essential work in the morning. So please email me if you have anything to say at The worst part is that I have lost phone numbers of all the people I met during this journey and wanted to keep in touch with.

From Rajkot, we travelled to Bhuj and Mount Abu. Today we reached Jodhpur.

Bhuj has been rebuilt after the earthquake. Almost all the houses look new. Cracks can still be seen in some of the buildings. And two IAS officers have been suspended after their reported involvement in land scam while allotting plots of land to the earthquake victims. Well, some people can think of making money even out of an earthquake that killed about 20,000 people!

Jodhpur Fort

We enjoyed the cold in Mt Abu. There is not much to see here for people who have been to snow-capped mountains. We visited Jodhpur fort today. As a work of art it is fascinating. But the crude display of wealth by the majarajas is disgusting.

Jodhpur Fort II

King's private room

King's private room II

We will be moving to Jaisalmer tomorrow.



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By outletonline123| Posted on:13 Nov 2012

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By alokebanerjee| Posted on:15 Apr 2011

Thanks Mukesh. About the mobile: It is part of the game.
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By Mukesh Miyan| Posted on:15 Apr 2011

And really sorry about the mobile; missed...that in my last comment...
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By Mukesh Miyan| Posted on:15 Apr 2011

I loved the pictures here they are simply amazing and can't resist looking them again and again... especially of the cattle .. awesome.
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By alokebanerjee| Posted on:14 Apr 2011

Thanks Aseem. These are only the printable reactions. There are many more which we will share if and when we meet.
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By aseem| Posted on:14 Apr 2011

Amazing reactions from ppl of all states... made me laugh !!! And the pics are as usual stunning. Loved them
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