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Posted on: Wednesday , Apr 06, 2011 At 22:21 PM

Amazing Gir Forest

5 April, 2011


(We reached Rajkot after spending two days at Gir. Will write in detail after taking some rest. I need rest. Too tired to write now.  Sorry. In the mean time enjoy the photographs.)

Initially we had not planned to visit Gir. Our plan was to move from Diu to Somnath , Dwarka and Jamnagar on our way to the Rann of Kutch. But as has been frequently happening in this trip, mishap brought us unexpected pleasant surprises yet again.

The problem this time was that it was becoming difficult to start the bike. We decided to move to Rajkot, take the bike to a Royal Enfield showroom and to change the point unit altogether if necessary. We had to go via Sashan-Gir – the only habitat of the Asiatic lion. A forest official informed us that no private vehicle was allowed inside the sanctuary and we could hire a Gypsy for Rs 1500 or a forest department bus for Rs 75 per head. We decided for the latter.

(We were already in the middle of the jungle on our bike. The restriction made little sense. We saw various types of deer and Nilgai from close quarters while riding. When we did not stop to take photos, they did not even run away. Only on April 2, a leopard had paid a visit to a village close to Devlia in search of prey. But we did not argue with the forest official.)

The buses operate between 8 am and 11 am and again between 3 pm and 5 pm. We took the 3 pm bus. A huge iron gate opened (much like the one we saw in Jurassic Park) and we entered the sanctuary. We saw deer– hundreds of them- and also a wild boar, which could not be photographed. It was too fast. The main attraction was the lion. We finally saw them. But they were lying behind a tree in such a way that I could not take proper photos. 

I decided to stay back at a nearby dhaba and make another try next morning. The dhaba was inside the forest and it felt good to spend the night there except for the insects, which did not like us in their territory, and also for the cold. While the days are excruciatingly hot, the nights and the mornings are extremely cold here.

Bus ride inside the sanctuary next morning yielded some results. You can see the photos. I realized for the first time why the lion and not any other animal is called the king of the jungle. Lions have an entirely different personality. They are majestic.

The Route:  Diu to Devlia in Gir via Kesaria, Talala, Sashan. Distance: 113 kms

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By outletonline123| Posted on:30 Nov 2012

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By alokebanerjee| Posted on:09 Apr 2011

@ MISTRAL Thanks for the info. Roads in Gujarat really improved after Rajkot. In rajasthan, they have so far been excellent. @ Almnitrek, Thanks a lot.
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By MISTRAL| Posted on:08 Apr 2011

Wonderful account of your journey. Looking fwd to the rest of your posts. The Lion picts as Prodyotda has said are indeed amazing. You'll gte better roads as you navigate through Rajasthan and excellent roads when you navigate through the Thar... Jodhpur, Jaisalmer Bikaner segments. A word of caution though, watch out for bad roads in some isolated segments between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer near Dechhu on NH114. I've been in these segments in January this year and have effortlessly clocked over 140kmph in my M800 for minutes at a stretch. Good luck and have a wonderful trip.
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By Alumnitrek| Posted on:07 Apr 2011

Amazing that you are able to post blog and pics while on a tour....very few travelers actually do it. Lion shoots are nice. Kudos!
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