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Member Exclusive, December 2010

Catch the Snow

Catch the snow Come December and the child in us craves for snow. We start looking for places where we can find fresh snow and have fun. The idea of making a snowman or throwing snowballs at one another excites us. Keeping the excitement alive, here are 10 destinations, where you may catch the snow between December and January.

Movers & Shakers 2010

BP Bhat Mistral Kunal Kapoor Goutom Bandyopadhyay
Anand Amembal Alumnitrek Deepika Sundar

Our sincere thanks to all the members, who kept the OkTataByebye community alive and happening throughout the year with their photos, travel advice, travelogues and comments. Here are a few Movers & Shakers, who made all the difference.

We wish all our members Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Know your fellow traveller


Name: Manish Lakhani
Display name on OkTataByebye: Manish
Occupation: Communication & Networking
Age: 37
Uses OkTataByebye for: To get a feel about people and places. To share photos and travel experiences. To know people’s views about places, and to help fellow travellers wherever possible.
Can't travel without: Camera, iPod and books. Basically, I am lightweight traveler, I am ok in a medium size bagpack for a month. More

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